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 Swimming pool

A serviced pool is a happy pool

Regular servicing ensures your pool is ready whenever you need it. It pays to keep your pool hygienic & clean and the regular servicing contract from Gareth James Pools means your pool is always at its best.

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Regular maintenance including:

  • Vacuum swimming pool of any debris

  • Net swimming pool

  • Backwash and rinse media in swimming
    pool filter, or wash cartridge filter.

  • Test and maintain water balance to include:
    ph, sanitizer (chlorine, bromine etc),
    Alkalinity, Total dissolved solids,
    and when needed any other
    specialists tests, ozone, etc.

  • Ensure the water temperature is maintained and suitable for use
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Thorough checks to ensure optimum conditions for wave making & dive bombing including:

  • Check swimming pool & equipment for defects such as leak, bearing noises, etc.
  • Ensure skimmers are operating correctly and empty as required
  • Brush swimming pool walls and tile band
  • Prepare swimming pool for shock treatment
  • Full water analysis

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Quick & reliable regular
maintenance service from
Gareth James Pools.

Call us to discuss your needs on 01628 667 279 or 07968 774 907

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